AcnHeal | Multivitamin Ampoule and Pumpkin Seed Oil for Acne

Client: pressensa

Category: mesotherapy

Date: June 2019

Vitamin cocktail for Dermapen

Acnheal is a vitamin cocktail for aesthetic professionals to treat concretely the acne. This cocktail is formulated to accelerate healing, relieve breakouts and help reduce acne inflammation. It also eliminates scars and blemishes caused by acne.

Exfoliation, cleansing, moisturizing agents, and antioxidants

Acnheal’s ingredients are carefully chosen to increase collagen and elastin levels to smooth skin, exfoliate and soften lines, acne scars and pigmentation. Also, it helps control androgen excess and prevent it.

Organic Silicon ampoule for acne

One of its actives, Organic Silicon, aims to speed up the healing process; serve as an anti-inflammatory, and also protect from free radicals and oxidation.

Acids for Acne

Citric Acid, Lactic Acid and Hyaluronic Acid are the acids with which this vitamin cocktail is formulated, among other active ingredients.