Client: pressensa

Category: fillers

Date: June 2019

Seductiva Volume has an immediate lifting effect, thanks to its viscoelastic and hydrophilic properties, which help to recreate the desired volume.

Its concentration is 25mg/ml of Hyaluronic Acid which reduces any type of deep wrinkles with a prolonged effect.

Seductiva volumefiller Injected subcutaneously to remove deep wrinkles and plump soft tissues (such as the lips, cheekbones, or cheeks) for facial contouring or reconstructive procedures (such as depressed scars; acne or chicken pox results, asymmetry, and atrophy facial or non-surgical rhinoplasties) reshaping of the face and lips.

The Seductive line hydrates the skin in depth and has a treatment duration of up to 12 months. The treatment can be safely repeated once the effects of the filler are significantly attenuated.